Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quantum Sports Cars

Quantum Sports Cars were founded by Mark and Harvey Wooldridge in 1987.

Their first car was the Mark1 Quantum saloon, based on the Mark1 Ford Fiesta reusing all of its components in an elongated, more rounded shape. Due to its reduced weight over the donor vehicle, performance was significantly improved. The first two cars produced were kept for testing purposes by family and friends. Car 003 was the first to be sold after a short period of use in magazine tests and promotional materials.

By 1991 the firm were producing a restyled version of the saloon, now based on the Mark2 Ford Fiesta, which was now available in sufficient numbers and at a low enough cost to justify use as a donor.

By 1993 the firm was also offering a 2+2 convertible, also based on the Mark2 Ford Fiesta.

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