Tuesday, January 31, 2012

India’s incredibly initial wonderful Car

Recognition to the famous Indian custom car designer DC, the state strength is looking at lastly having its original absolutely in-house built super car. The Avanti as it is called has been entirely designed and urbanized by DC Motors. Avanti could very well be India’s first ever super car construction. 

It has got some exciting specs and will characteristic a Ford 2.0 litre engine that can churn out more than 250bhp, perfect for Indian roads. And what’s still more astonishing is that the fashionable look car will only cost around Rs 30 lakh. There is also utterance out that the car strength gets a better V6 engine with 390bhp. Apparently DC will make only 200 of these bad boys in the next year and will look to push manufacture up to 2000 yearly by 2015. This could very well be the future of Indian wonderful cars as we know it. Bravo DC.